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The 10th International Congress of Ecology 03-04 
Sino-Australia S&T Cooperation (Special Fund) 03-03 
(Molecular) Microbial Ecology in Soil : A Review 03-03 
Forest landscape models 03-03 
¡°Encyclopedia of Ecology¡±, coauthored by Prof. Zhu... 03-03 
First Announcement 09-09 
Advances in Forest Landscape Modeling: Approaches, S... 09-03 
Expert from Belgium was invited to our institute for... 09-02 
Israeli Prof. Yosef Steinberger visit our institute ... 09-02 
Research System
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Forest Ecology and Forestry...
Soil Ecology and Agro-ecolo...
Research Achievements
Bioavailability of cadmium adsorbed on various oxides minera
Agro-C: A biogeophysical model for simulating the carbon bud
Cadmium tolerance and accumulation characteristics of Bidens
DNA mismatch repair related gene expression as potential bio
Effects of dissolved low molecular weight organic acids on o
Identification of Chinese cabbage genotypes with low cadmium
Immobilization of cadmium in soils by UV-mutated Bacillus su
Implementing China¡¯s circular economy concept at the regiona...
Risk assessment of cadmium-contaminated soil on plant DNA da
Satellite-based estimation of evapotranspiration of an old-g
Research Bases
Changbai Mountain Researc...
Shenyang Experimental Sta...
Huitong Experimental Stat...
Wulanaodu Desertification...
Qingyuan Experimental Sta...
Daqinggou Ecosystems Rese...
Shenyang Arboretum
Herbarium of Northeast Ch...